International Post-Secondary Environmental Program Accreditation​

Become a Leader in Environmental Education from Abroad

Gain Canadian recognition for education excellence in environmental practice through our International Accreditation Program.

Our International Accreditation Program reinforces the quality of your environmental programs, including its academic support staff, educational facilities and curricula.

We work with post-secondary learning institutions, like yours, around the world to add credibility to environmental programs. This helps inform prospective students and industry members that the program meets a high-level standard of education and is aligned with the labour market and industry needs in Canada.

The International Environmental Education Accreditation Commission Standard

The International Environmental Education Accreditation Commission (IEEAC) reviews the IEEAC Accreditation Standard, program framework and all accreditation processes. This includes all requirements, evaluations, and decisions, before granting an institution accreditation status. In addition to the general eligibility requirements, the IEEAC accreditation standard is used to assess and validate post-secondary programs through this process in eight areas:


Benefits of the International Accreditation Program:

1. Application

After indicating your interest, the Accreditation Team will evaluate a program’s eligibility in conjunction with the IEEAC and upon approval, you will receive an invitation to apply.

2. Self Study

Programs demonstrate their conformance with the IEEAC Accreditation Standard through the submission of a report and supporting documents.

3. Site-Visit

A team of academic and industry professionals will visit your institution to review the environmental program against the IEEAC Accreditation Standard.

4. Accreditation Decision

The IEEAC meets to review the Accreditation status of all applicants. Upon approval, a program is granted accreditation for a 5-year term.

5. Ongoing Maintenance

Programs identify any substantive changes and continued compliance through Annual Reporting.

Accrediting International Programs
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