Become an Accreditation Program Site Reviewer​

Ensure Our Accredited Environmental Programs Reflect Continual Quality Enhancement ​

Site Reviewers participate in prospective site visits, conduct thorough assessments using our standards, and recommend post-secondary environmental programs for national accreditation to the CEAC.

For this volunteer position, candidates are contacted based on their area of specialization. Our ideal volunteer candidates are from two distinct categories:

Industry Experts:

Academic Experts:

Help to Ensure the Integrity of Our Industry

Site Reviewer Requirements

Site Reviewer Program Benefits

Successful candidates and their representative organizations, who complete our preparatory training, program assessment, and recommendation report phases become eligible to accredit environmental programs. For their investment and role, they will receive:

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Download Site Reviewer Application Form

Academic and Industry experts who wish to volunteer for the position of Site Reviewer can submit their Site Reviewer Application Form and current CV here.

Applications are accepted throughout the year and candidates will be selected based on the number of environmental programs seeking accreditation.