EP® Member Spotlight: Stephanie Biegel

Meet Environmental Professional, Stephanie Biegel

Meet Stephanie Biegel, an Environmental Professional in Training (EPt) who graduated from Nipissing University with a BA in Environmental Geography. Stephine first started working with Terracon Geotechnique, conducting water sampling and reclamation projects. Today, at Hatfield Consultants, she’s involved in a wide array of responsibilities, such as wildlife sweeps, spawning surveys, fish salvaging, water quality sampling, and environmental monitoring. 

Stephanie joined the EP® community in 2020 as she heard that getting her EPt designation would help further her career. Since then, she has used the opportunities presented by her designation to take training courses, join networking groups and events, and employment opportunities. 

Sephine’s current position as an Infrastructure Environmental Monitor at Syncrude Canada Limited has her working on the largest bridge project in Alberta. The bridge crosses the MacKay River and will be able to hold around 2400 tons of weight once it’s completed. Stephanie’s duty is to ensure that the construction follows environmental regulations.


What motivates Stephanie?

This type of work means a lot to Stephanie, she states “Keeping an ethical standard at the project I’m working on is very important to me.” This project will also allow her to gain as much experience as possible, becoming more confident in her abilities as an environmental professional. 

Environmental Mitigation is more than just telling construction companies how to build or what practices they need to change. A lot of Stephine’s work boils down to helping educate others on why these practices are important, “I deal with this by not fighting them or purely trying to tell them what to do. Rather, I educate them on why the mitigations are important and what could happen if they aren’t.” These efforts may not seem very impactfully to some, but for Stephanie, she expresses “Every day I spend my time working to ensure the environment is protected.” 


Why become EP Certified?

“Being an EPt has been wonderful for my career. I work with many people who have other designations (P.Bio, APEGA), and it’s very common to be designated where I live. There’s no reason someone shouldn’t be designated,” Stephanie explained. We couldn’t agree more! 

Stephanie’s journey exemplifies the dedication and impact of Environmental Professionals EPs® across Canada. Her commitment to environmental stewardship and her journey from an EPt to an influential Infrastructure Environmental Monitor inspire us all. 


Learn more about becoming an EP® here.


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