ECO Impact 2021: Meet the Winners

Meet the 2021 winners of ECO Impact 2021. Our annual awards event celebrates the top environmental professionals and the organizations they work for.

We recently held our first virtual event: ECO Impact 2021 Awards and learning series and are excited to announce the winners of 2021’s ECO Impact Awards which celebrate the environmental professionals who are leading the environmental sector in Canada and the organizations that employ them. The awards highlight the work of our certified Environmental Professionals (EPts, EPs, EP Auditors and employers) who demonstrate leadership, commitment and innovation in the continuous advancements of the environmental sector. In 2021, we also introduced a brand new award: the Community Award which shines a light on groups and individuals who have made a significant environmental impact within their communities through volunteering.
Let’s meet the winners of ECO Impact 2021!

ECO Impact 2021 Winners

Here are the winners of ECO Impact 2021. Congratulations to all winners, finalists and nominees!

EPt Winner – Brittany Lange

Our EPt Award celebrates Environmental Professionals in training. It’s for our members who are starting out in their environmental careers and those that have environmental work experience outside of Canada and are working towards their full EP designation.
Brittany is an Environmental Planner at the Regional District of Central Okanagan and she won our EPt 2021 award for her forward thinking approach to sustainable planning and climate initiatives for the region. These included the Okanagan Climate Projections Report, the Okanagan Lake responsibility Planning Initiative and the Regional Floodplain Management Plan.
As a life-long resident of the Okanagan Valley, Brittany’s goal, both personally and professionally, is to ensure the unique and natural environment of the Okanagan is protected now and into the future.

EP Winner – Monique Simair

monique simair ep award eco impact 2021

The EP award recognizes senior Environmental Professionals who’ve obtained their full EP designation.
The winner of the EP award was Monique Simair who is the CEO and Founder of Maven Water & Environment. She was chosen for her contributions to the environmental sector as a scientist, teacher, entrepreneur, innovator and thought leader.
Profit Magazine named Monique as one of Canada’s future entrepreneurial leaders and she was the youngest ever person to be appointed as an advisor to the science, technology and innovation council of Canada.
A leader in water reclamation, removing chemicals and decreasing carbon footprints for dozens of mines at home and internationally, Monique has also cleaned contaminated abandoned sites.

EP Auditor Winner – Michael DeWit

michael dewit eco impact ep auditor award

The EP Auditor Award is open to senior environmental professionals who hold one, or both, of our certified auditor designations. There were two finalists for this category, both of whom have over 30 years of experience and have been instrumental in their professional field.
Micahel DeWit was the winner of the EP Auditor award and he was selected for his innovative approach to auditing and his role as a thought leader in creating and developing auditing related standards.
Micahel has conducted audits in more than 50 industry sectors. He has also worked to develop large audit programs, train auditors, and oversee the development of new and unique audit schemes.

Top Employer Award – WSP Canada

wsp top employer award eco canada

The Top Employer Award for 2021 went to WSP Canada who are one of the world’s leading professional services firms.
WSP provide technical expertise and strategic advice to clients in the Transportation & Infrastructure, Property & Buildings, Environment, Industry, Resources and Energy sectors. With approximately 49,500 talented people in 550 offices across 40 countries, WSP is uniquely positioned to deliver successful and sustainable projects.
WSP played a huge part in Canada’s largest heritage rehabilitation project at Centre Block in Ottawa which captured the judge’s attention and helped them win this award.

Community Award – BCIT SMART Team

bcit community award eco impact 2021

The newest award at ECO Impact recognizes the work of non-profit and volunteer groups or organizations that have made a positive environmental impact within their communities.
For the community award, groups submitted a video nomination showcasing the impact they’ve made. The winner was decided by you!
Our first-ever Community Award winner was the BCIT’s Smart Microgrid Applied Research (SMART) team. The team used collaborative, technology-based approaches to create solutions to industry challenges, all while supporting BC businesses.
The SMART team focused on growing the green transportation sector and reducing barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles in Canada.

Congratulations again to all winners and nominees!

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