Technical writing: A must-have skill in your team

In an age of texting and auto-correct, writing skills are slowly being eroded. Yet the one thing hasn’t changed: clear, concise business writing is a must. See how you can help your team build this skill.

Posted by: Sherry Hume, ECO Canada

Have you ever received an email that was terrible to read? Was your last client proposal so poorly written that you could hardly focus on the content?
In an age of texting and auto-correct, writing skills are slowly being eroded. Yet one thing hasn’t changed: clear, concise business writing is a must.

Why do technical writing skills matter?

Staff with technical writing experience can save your organization money in the long-run.

A properly written proposal, a clear, concise report or even a thought-provoking article on your website can mean a profitable association with potential clients, your partners or investors.

In other words, writing can often make or break a company or project.

While you may think that any member of your staff can write; just putting words to paper is not enough.

Staff with strong technical writing skills tend to have extensive training in many fields and experience in various industries – making them an invaluable addition to almost any company.

What makes a strong technical writer? Simply put, they will have the ability to take complex information o ideas and convey them in simple terms.

Who can contribute to your technical writing projects?

Many organizations may not have the budget to hire full-time technical writers, so training your existing staff in at least the basics of technical writing is a great option.

Especially for your junior level staff, arming them with technical writing skills can build their confidence and prepare them to take on larger projects in the future.

By training your staff in technical writing, your team can help you:

  • Deliver an exceptional presentation
  • Create a well-written report
  • Ensure that all project deliverables are error free

Plus, you can save billable hours on your projects by engaging your junior-level staff to take on more writing tasks and contribute to your project deliverables.

Gain strong writing skills with ECO Canada’s Technical Writing course

ECO Canada’s Technical Writing online course provides an excellent opportunity to immediately improve business writing skills; a necessity for today’s environmental professionals.

Developed by environmental technical writing experts, this online course is built around 7 must-know topics in technical writing – so your team can produce well-written project deliverables.

The course is designed for learners to:

  • Learn fundamental writing concepts
  • Address the needs of multiple stakeholders
  • Break bad writing habits with practical techniques
  • Contribute to and collaborate in the writing process with their co-workers

Professionals looking to build their writing skills can also benefit. Complete this course to:

  • Showcase a desirable skillset on your resume
  • Widen the range of companies that will be interested in you
  • Help make yourself invaluable to your employer

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