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What’s Included? A 25% Discount on this online course package which will give you the top skills employers look for in candidates. It provides feedback on strengths and areas to improve on as you enter the working world.

Participants in the program who upgrade to Practicing EPt at the end of the 6-month pilot will receive the entire package free of charge.

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How to Get Your EPt Student Membership

If you are currently enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institution and in your final year of a diploma, bachelors or graduate program, you qualify!

We accept only 500 students annually – secure your spot now – all you need is $50 and to provide some information about yourself.

This program is only for post-secondary students who have not acquired a diploma or degree. If you already have your education credentials, apply for the EPt Designation.

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Start Date | December 1, 2021