Labour Market Research Report

Developing a Dynamic Workforce for Nature-based Climate Solutions and Green Infrastructure Projects in Alberta and British Columbia: A Sector Report

ECO Canada’s research report presents an analysis of the workforce required for nature-based climate solutions and green infrastructure projects in Alberta and British Columbia. It explores the essential roles and skills needed across four main sectors—Coastal Restoration, Forestry, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Watershed Restoration—and their seven subsectors, focusing on the employment and expertise necessary to support environmental sustainability and economic development.

The report examines specific occupations and the specialized skill sets required for climate adaptation, habitat restoration, wildfire management, land remediation and reclamation, erosion and sediment control, and flood and drought mitigation projects. It identifies the critical challenges in recruiting skilled workers and highlights the importance of strategic talent development within these sectors.

Our findings emphasize the need for skills such as project management, safety protocols, regulatory knowledge, and technical areas such as biology, hydrology, civil engineering, heavy equipment, and forestry. The report points out that while there is a competitive market for skilled labour, there are opportunities to improve talent acquisition and retention strategies to support nature-based climate solutions and green infrastructure projects effectively.

This research aims to inform stakeholders about the labour market trends and skills demands in Alberta and British Columbia, facilitating better planning and implementation of environmental projects.

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