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Professional Engagement Study: What Motivates Environmental Employees (2011)

Our 2011 study compared the engagement of workers in the environmental sector to those in the overall Canadian workforce

The 2011 Professional Engagement research offers a fresh perspective on what motivates environmental practitioners. In contrast to previous research, this study is the first at ECO Canada to compare the engagement of workers in the environmental sector to those in the overall Canadian workforce.

The results are remarkable.

On the whole, environmental employees have higher rates of engagement than the average Canadian worker. However, this engagement varies substantially according to such surprising factors as age, company size, and career path.


  • How the engagement levels of environmental professionals compare to a national Canadian benchmark
  • The key drivers of engagement for environmental employees and how employers can tap in to these motivators
  • 4 different profiles of employee engagement, and the way these profiles vary depending on generational group, career path, and company size

Funded by the Government of Canada:

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