Announcing our new partnership with the Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA)

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with the Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA). This partnership will focus on providing ISO 14001 training and EP certifications to organizations across Manitoba as we work towards our mandate of ensuring Canadians have the skills and knowledge required for environmental work.

“We are eager to further deepen our strong relationship with MEIA and join forces to provide even better support for training and EP certification in Manitoba” – Kevin Nilsen, President and CEO of ECO Canada

Our latest research suggests sector growth and retirements will account for 173,000 net environmental job openings by 2025. Manitoba has a strong environmental workforce and conservative forecasts suggest that 5,200 jobs – or 24% of 2020 employment levels – will be created to meet sector growth in the province by 2025.

Many of these roles will likely be filled by emerging professionals and job seekers looking to transition into the sector who may need additional training. This partnership aims to help provide additional training through the promotion and delivery of ISO 14001 training and EP certification throughout Manitoba.

With our combined experience of delivering and facilitating this training and MEIA’s network of environmental organizations, we believe this partnership will help ensure Manitoba’s workforce will continue to grow. In addition, working together to provide our Environmental Professional (EP) certification will help to elevate the credibility of environmental professionals and their work.

“We are excited to formalize what has been a long-standing relationship between MEIA and ECO Canada to cross-promote programs like the Environmental Professional Certification.  Having a national organization like ECO Canada to work with on like-minded programs benefits our members and industry stakeholders with quality training recognized across the country and it helps keep us plugged into what is happening in other provinces in the environmental sector” Jack Winram – Executive Director for MEIA

About MEIA

MEIA have worked to advance the environmental and clean technology opportunities in Manitoba since 1991. They do this through networking, education and providing support to environmental organizations across the province. In 2019 MEIA was approved under Manitoba’s Sector Council Program and now has a broader mandate to develop and deliver workforce training and support to Manitoba’s Natural Resources, Energy and Environment industries.

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