How to leverage the competitive advantage of EP certification

You’ve worked hard to build your environmental expertise and have attained the status of a certified Environmental Professional (EP). Now’s the time to make the most of your certification and reap the rewards.

Posted by: Sherry Hume, ECO Canada
You’ve worked hard to build your environmental expertise and have attained the status of a certified Environmental Professional (EP)Now’s the time to make the most of your certification and reap the rewards. But how?
At its core, EP demonstrates to employers, clients and colleagues that you offer more than the average professional.
It is a formal, public recognition of your environmental competence and integrity, and a commitment to your personal career growth.
This is why you renew your EP certification each year. It represents your commitment to adhering to the national standard of environmental work and to your ongoing professional development.

How to use EP to your advantage

1. Tap into your EP community

EP Certification provides its members with a variety of networking opportunities and a chance to engage with peers.
This is one of the common reasons why professionals seek EP certification – to grow and enhance their network.
Are you taking advantage of the available networking opportunities?
Meet other environmental professionals in diverse industries and sectors by attending a variety of online or in-person events.
By building your network on an ongoing basis, you’ll also have a great resource to turn to when looking for new employment opportunities in future.

2. Be an EP advocate

Showcase your EP status on your resume, your LinkedIn profile, in an interview or in your next proposal.
Your EP designation signifies that you are an experienced professional whose education, skills and expertise have been assessed.

  • Explain to employers, partners and clients that EP certification is crucial in the environmental sector – where it provides a national standard of recognition.
  • Explain that you passed a rigorous approval process and have been validated by peers for your particular areas of specialization.
  • Explain that you are required to record and submit your professional development activities on an annual basis to ensure that you are up-to-date on the latest technologies, processes and changes to regulations.

3. Leverage your expertise as an EP Licensed Trainer

As an EP, you meet high standards of professional excellence and hold specialized expertise. You can leverage this expertise by participating in the EP licensed trainer program.
With environmental and sustainability employment in Canada continuing to outpace employment in the general economy, Check; Kroger Weekly Ad, ALDI Weekly Ad, ALDI Catalogue, IGA Catalogue, Meijer Weekly Ad, Publix Weekly Ad, Coles Catalogue, Supercheap Auto Catalogue. high-quality training is needed to meet the demand for skilled environmental and sustainability professionals.
Through the EP licensed training program, you can join the pool of qualified trainers who support ECO’s training and capacity building programs for environment and sustainability professionals across Canada and abroad.
Learn more about the EP licensed trainer program >

4. Add your story to our EPs in Profile

EPs work in diverse fields and are building impressive environmental careers.
Are you an EP leader who’s leading your field? Do you have a unique career path or story to share?
Add your story to our growing list of EPs in Profile. Your story may also be featured in our next newsletter or on social media.
Contact if you’d like to submit your profile.

What other ways are you leveraging your EP certification?

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