In the news: Canada’s environmental workforce adds 34,600 jobs during pandemic: report, CBC

Our Updated: Labour Outlook Report to 2025 was featured by CBC in March 2021.

“Canada’s environmental workforce grew by five per cent in 2020 — adding nearly 35,000 net new jobs — even as the impact of the pandemic rattled the economy and labour markets.

That’s according to a new report from ECO Canada, which also forecasts thousands more environmental openings over the next five years.

“This is a sector that is continuing to grow and continuing to broaden,” said Kevin Nilsen of ECO Canada, a national human resources group based in Calgary that tracks the green jobs market.

ECO Canada’s count includes workers across various industries and occupations that drive or support environmental protection, resource management and sustainability.

The report, released Wednesday, says the environmental workforce added about 34,600 net new jobs last year, bringing the total to around 689,900 workers.

The gains were largely driven by environmental employment in Ontario (35,704) and Quebec (11,460), according to ECO Canada”

Read the full article by CBC

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