Launch your career as an environmental technician

Environmental technicians and technologists are in high-demand across multiple environmental sectors. Learn more about this ideal career for new and transitioning workers.
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Post by: Jennifer Schultz, ECO Canada.

As part of ECO Canada’s Environmental Sub-Sector Profiling Series, we looked at Careers in Environmental Professional Services and their current job trends and career growth.

Environmental Technicians and Technologists were identified as one of the top careers in demand and an ideal choice for both new and transitioning workers.

What does an Environmental Technician or Technologist do?

Environmental technicians and technologists work on projects to assess, clean up, and protect the environment. They require broad scientific knowledge and technical skills and can be involved in a variety of projects.
Environmental technicians and technologists can be responsible for a variety of activities such as:

  • collecting and analyzing air, water, and soil samples;
  • conducting field inspections and investigations of contamination;
  • operating and monitoring pollution control or treatment equipment;
  • monitoring compliance with federal and provincial regulations; or
  • participating in environmental assessments and cleanup efforts.

Environmental technicians and technologists often work as part of a team of professionals and play a key role in conservation and protection efforts.

Learn more about being an Environmental Technician or Technologist.

Environmental Job Trends for Environmental Technicians/Technologists

Environmental Technicians and Technologists had one of the highest numbers of job vacancies when looking at over 400,000 recent job listings. Most job titles reflected the technical aspects of the work, such as Mechanical Technologist or Laboratory Technician.

Most environmental technician and technologist jobs (30%) are in the Health & Safety Sector, followed by Sustainability (14%) and Natural Resource Management (12%).
Compared to other environmental careers, this path has one of the highest proportions of jobs that require a Bachelor’s degree.

Environmental Career Growth for Environmental Technicians/Technologists

New and transitioning professionals who want to quickly launch their environmental careers are ideal candidates for this career.
The three career paths that offer the most job opportunities are:

  1. Green Building, Construction and Urban Design
  2. Industrial
  3. Health & Safety

Thinking of a career as an Environmental Technician or Technologist? Download the Careers in Environmental Professional Services Report and learn more in-depth information including the top employer industries and required skills.

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