National Volunteer Week 2021 | ECO Canada Thanks You!

If you’re an environmental business owner or leader, you’ve inevitably given thought to the future of your business. We've garnered expert advice on how to ensure your business succeeds after you retire.

National Volunteer Week is around the corner and this year’s theme is “The Value of One, The Power of Many”, which speaks to the overall impact that is made when we all work together towards a common purpose. As we all know the last year has been unprecedented and our ECO Canada family has rallied more than ever before. So, we figured that there’s no better time than now to say thank you. We recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of our amazing volunteers who continuously give their time and energy to helping us further the EP Designation across Canada.

Year after year we get an influx of brilliant Environmental Professionals who are passionate about making an impact in Canada’s Environmental Workforce. From our amazing CECAB Board members to the EP National Taskforce members, EP Mentors and ECO Impact judges, you make our jobs more purposeful, and we appreciate you.

We are always looking for a chance to shed some light on the work you do. Send us an email or using the hashtag #EPvolunteers share a social media post showcasing any interesting volunteer opportunities you’ve had and what those experiences meant to you.

Not a volunteer yet? Send us an email at and we can help you find a volunteer position that best suits your skillset and expertise.

Approvals Board (CECAB)

  • Robert Volkman, EP(CEA), EP(EMSLA), EP
  • Scott Freiburger, EP(CEA), EP(EMSLA), EP
  • Chris Valaire, EP
  • Christina Wright, EP
  • Eric Denman, EP
  • Jen Silverthorn, EP(EMSLA), EP
  • Tyler Riewe, EP
  • Victor Nowicki, EP

Auditing Certification Committee

  • Todd Hall, EP(CEA), EP(EMSLA)
  • Sue Keane, EP(CEA), EP(EMSLA)
  • Kevin Dunn, EP(CEA)
  • Greg Fullarton, EP(CEA), EP
  • Glenn Keays, EP(EMSLA)
  • Ethics & Discipline Committee
  • Jen Silverthorn, EP(EMSLA), EP
  • Eveline Wolterson, EP (Emeritus)
  • Scott Turner, EP
  • Robert Volkman, EP(CEA), EP(EMSLA), EP

Professional Development Committee

  • Robert Volkman, EP(CEA), EP(EMSLA), EP
  • Lee Halford, EP(CEA), EP(EMSLA)
  • Sue Keane, EP(CEA), EP(EMSLA)

EP Certification Committee

  • Robert Volkman, EP(CEA), EP(EMSLA), EP
  • Eveline Wolterson

National EP Taskforce

  • Monte Anions, EP (BC)
  • Stirling Fraser, EP(CEA), EP (BC)
  • Kyle Paddon, EP (BC)
  • Ron Thiessen, EP (AB)
  • Martin Scuccimarri, EP (QC)
  • Lucio De Martinis, EP (QC)
  • Ivano Pazzia, EP (QC)
  • Janet Blackadar, EP (NB)
  • Andrew Peach, EP (NFLD)
  • Michael Doucet, EP (NS)

ECO Impact Judging Panel – 2020

  • Ashley Gould, EP
  • Brian Poole, EP
  • Carole Crowe, EP
  • Connie Lum, EP(CEA)
  • Evan Baker, EP(CEA)
  • John Smythe, EP
  • Marilou Brouillet, EP
  • Tracey Chala, EP

EP Advisory Committee

  • Courtney Scott, EP
  • Diane Sandbrand, EP(CEA), EP
  • Jen Silverthorn, EP(EMSLA), EP
  • Kevin Dunn, EP(CEA)
  • Noel St. Jean
  • Sanil Sivarajan, EP
  • Shana Caudle, EP
  • Tyler Riewe, EP
  • George Ivey, EP
  • Jacques Benoit, EP
  • Meredith Hamstead, EP
  • Pierre Iachetti
  • Victor Ladipo, EP(EMSLA), EP
  • Joy Jacobsen, EP
  • Michael Doucet, EP
  • Dave Baines, EP
  • Peter Hale
  • Andrew Richards, EP
  • Barb Elliott
  • Connie Lum, EP(CEA)
  • Cylma Foxton, EP
  • JP Brown, EP
  • Pamela Lamba, EP
  • Scott Freiburger, EP(CEA), EP(EMSLA), EP
  • Scott Tam, EP
  • Tonya Lagrasta, EP
  • Eric Denman, EP
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