7 Ways to jump-start your environmental career

Want to make the most of your job search? Here are 7 ways you can jump-start your environmental career.

Post by: Jennifer Schultz, ECO Canada

Want to make the most of your job search? Here are 7 ways you can jump-start your environmental career. 

1. Become a pre-approved intern for ECO Canada’s Internship Program.

Target the companies you want to work for and be able to offer your potential employer the added bonus of not only getting to hire you for their team, but also receiving a free wage-subsidy when they do.

Once you’ve been pre-approved for a wage-subsidy, let employers know! You could mention it in your cover letter and at interviews. If an interview has gone particularly well, let an employer know how they can apply to be a job funding host.

2. Build a strong professional network

In a recent study, we found that 65% of environmental employers used personal contacts or referrals to find their recruits.
Build a professional network that will help you get hired by:

  • Attending industry and networking events
  • Joining relevant professional groups
  • Volunteering for organizations in your area of interest
  • Researching environmental employers you may want to work for

3. Customize your résumé and cover letter to the environmental sector

Tailor your résumé and cover letter to include key words and tasks that relate to the job you’re applying for. ECO Canada now offers practical and tailored job seeking advice with our  Essentials For Job Seekers an online course that prepares you to land an environmental job.

4. Create an effective personal brand online

A growing number of employers look for candidates online, especially through professional networks like LinkedIn.

5. Boost your soft skills

Contrary to popular misconceptions, environmental work is not solely technical! Many green jobs require strong soft skills, such as writing, presenting, and project management.
Our online training courses help you build the skills that environmental employers look for, plus you can build this skills fast.

Learn more about what courses are available

6. Be flexible

Sometimes the position you’ve been offered isn’t in the exact role or location you were hoping for. It pays to be flexible, especially if this particular job will help you start the path to your ideal career and offers opportunities for future growth.

7. Follow-up to get results

After you apply for a position, follow-up with a phone call introducing yourself, mentioning your interest in the job, and providing three reasons why you would be a great fit.

If you recently interviewed for a position and didn’t receive the job, politely ask the interviewer for feedback on how you did and what you could improve. Many of your fellow applicants will not take this extra step, so it’s a great way to stand out from the competition.

What other job seeking and professional development tips would you add to this list?

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