How a Student Co-op Can Help your Organization 

Ever wondered whether hiring a co-op student is right for you? See how you can benefit from ECO Canada's student co-op placement.
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Many organizations have wondered whether hiring a co-op student for a summer position is the right fit. Organizations can have several questions that come with this decision, from how placements work to wage funding. This blog will explain how your organization can benefit from a co-op.

Coop positions can be short or long-term, ranging from four months to year-long positions. They connect the brightest minds from top universities to your organization.

It just made sense for us. We are a relatively young, rapidly-growing organization, and we are constantly working to increase our capacity to keep up with demand. The internship program aligns with our core values and ultimately helped us to grow faster by enabling us to hire a new team member sooner rather than later. ~ ANGELA FOSTER ~ Kambo.

Participating in a co-op program will allow your organization access to a talented pool of potential candidates. The majority of post-secondary schools have established programs that enable their students to find co-op placements.

Students that enter Co-ops are often very enthusiastic about the opportunity and will take full advantage of their time with your organization to learn and assist in any way they can. They bring fresh new ideas and an understanding of current industry trends and practices making them ready to start from day one.

The process was extremely easy and efficient for our company. We felt the process was robust to ensure qualified candidates, yet did not require unnecessary administrative load on our end. It was the perfect balance, from our perspective. ~ MATTHEW PYPER ~ Fuse Consulting Ltd

Looking for wage assistance for a co-op student? We can help through our Co-op Employment Program funded by the Government of Canada, which is designed to assist you with the save you time and money when it comes to hiring. We will also help with any questions about online reporting, payment and reimbursements.

Visit Environmental Wage Funding & Job Training Programs for more information.

By adding additional technical capacity in the TPU, we have been better able to meet the needs of our communities and, in doing so, improved our relationships and built increased trust with our member communities. ~ JEFFREY ROSS ~ Grand Council Treaty #3

Your organization will have access to candidates from diverse backgrounds by participating in co-op positions. These candidates offer an even greater perspective on how to benefit your organization from the specific job to organizational strategy.

You can also strengthen your organization’s diversity by hiring through the student work placement program and many organizations go on to hire a student they hired through a co-op placement, as a full-time employee after their graduation. You will gain a head start for someone you think are an excellent fit for you long-term! Lastly, hiring co-op students to fill an intermediate position will help them elevate their skill set and see if they are a good fit for your team long term.

Hiring co-op students is a significant benefit for any organization, big or small. If you think this would be the right move for you, feel free to visit Training & Wage Subsidies for Environmental Jobs and take that next step!

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