Improve your Virtual Networking Experience!

As a result of the global pandemic, conferences went virtual, and many have remained that way. This has created a convenient format for nationwide events. Virtual networking is an important skill nowadays, particularly with virtual career fairs like ECO Canada’s Virtual Career Fair on September 21st, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST where participants will have the opportunity to connect with today’s leading innovative organizations, thought leaders, and professionals in the environmental sector.

If you want to improve your virtual networking experience, here are five tips to support you with achieving your goals.

Number One: Create Clear Goals

Once the event’s agenda and speakers are revealed, create clear goals and define your objectives:  Are you looking for a job? Seeking to develop new skills? Are you searching for business contacts or, an opportunity to present your project to employers or potential stakeholders? Determine what your goals are in order to have a successful career fair experience.  

Number Two: Update your LinkedIn Profile Prior to the Event

Once your goals and objectives are defined, update your LinkedIn profile accordingly. It is important to note that Canada ranks 8th out of the top 15 countries of LinkedIn users with 18 million contacts. Make sure to add as much detail to your profile when registering for the virtual fair platform, and eventually upload your resume if the option is available. 

Number Three: Create a Digital Business Card

Paper business cards are out. Go digital! Not only is it environmentally friendly, but you will also improve your communication effectiveness and contact sharing. Numerous websites offer e-business cards, and sometimes for free. Tip: don’t forget to add your LinkedIn address.

Number Four: Create a Target Contact List

Virtual events or career fairs are perfect to have informal conversations with a wide span of contacts. Keep your goals in mind and target the sessions and/or conferences and the speakers/attendees accordingly. Prepare your introduction to these potential new contacts (a practice introduction is always a good idea). 

Number Five: Don’t forget the follow-up!

Once you’ve made new contacts, don’t forget to nurture these new relationships and reach out to them within 48 hours after the event. Send your contact a short message on LinkedIn, demonstrating that you remember the discussion you had. Following up is the best way to keep your connections. 

Put these tips to use at Eco Canada’s upcoming Virtual Career Fair.


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