Virtual networking, 5 tips to make it work!

Working online does not mean being secluded from the rest of the world, on the contrary. With technologies, we can still communicate, differently but still. Many seminars and events have switched to being online in recent years, including our ECO Impact event. With plenty of opportunities to network included in the agenda, here are 5 tips to come and attend well prepared and reach your networking goals.

#1: Before the event –Build your Action plan

After reading the agenda and the speakers in breakout sessions, determine your goals and build your action plan accordingly: job search? Development of your network? Searching for business contacts?

#2: Before the event – Prepare your LinkedIn profile

Once your goals are determined, prepare and enhance your profile as it is a very powerful tool for virtual networking. Canada ranks #8 in the top 15 countries with the most users.

Don’t forget to share your profile when registering on the virtual platform.

#3: Before the event- Create your own virtual business card

Not only it’s a good gesture for the environment, but it also puts you in a good position in terms of communication efficiency and contacts building.

Many websites offer even free business cards, just grab one and do it!

#4: During the event – Aim to the good contacts

Informal conversations, casual interaction, with new opportunities in one place, that’s the power of virtual platforms.

Focus your energy on the people or organizations that you think can help you reach your goals. Sometimes, the quality of communication is better than quantity.

#5 : After the event- Don’t forget the follow-up!

It’s basic and just common sense but after the event, send a relatively short message to your valuable contacts, showing that you remember the conversation and the person. If any promises were made, don’t forget to quickly follow up.


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