Building Competitive Advantage with EP: Blue Source Canada

The Blue Source team takes immense pride in the work they do – these experts are at the frontier of carbon offset development. Yet one of the major challenges in this emerging industry is the fact that it is so new. Learn how adopting the Environmental Professional (EP) certification leverages their competitive advantage.

A leading carbon offset developer and marketer, Blue Source serves big industry’s carbon requirements and supports emerging carbon-reducing technologies.

Company Profile

Name: Blue Source Canada
Industry: Sustainability – Carbon Economy
Number of Employees: 7 employees in Canada, 14 total
Examples of Key Clients: Suncor Energy Products Inc., Apache Canada Ltd., Cargill Meat Solutions


The Blue Source team takes immense pride in the work they do – these experts are at the frontier of carbon offset development. Yet one of the major challenges in this emerging industry is the fact that it is so new.

With many regulations and policies either not in place or still under development, it can be tough to establish clear standards and determine who has relevant, valid expertise.

Blue Source wanted to demonstrate their wealth of existing expertise in this emerging field and stay ahead of the wave of new competitors entering the market.


In 2012, Blue Source staff adopted Environmental Professional (EP) certification to validate and highlight their specialized environmental skills and knowledge.
To fully leverage this competitive advantage, Blue Source showcases their EP certified staff in their proposals, marketing, and communications.

Portrait picture of Graham Harris

EP certification objectively proves to our clients that we meet the high standards of professionalism and technical competency that we pride ourselves on.

Graham Harris, EP(GHG), VP Technical Services, Blue Source Canada

With 86% of staff certified, the Blue Source team believes that they share a responsibility to use EP certification to guide clients towards raising the bar and operating according to strict standards in the carbon economy.


1. Legitimacy

In a fast-moving industry filled with “here today, gone tomorrow” businesses, Blue Source employees say that EP certification helps legitimize their field, organization, and day-to-day work for clients.
A growing number of clients see the benefits of working with a team of EP certified experts, including a high caliber of work and informed project recommendations.

2. Talent Development

Since certified EPs must meet minimum professional development requirements each year, the certification ensures that members stay at the leading edge of new technologies, processes, and regulations.

For the Blue Source employees who hold multiple professional designations, EP certification complements their other designations and speaks to their specialized environmental experience. For the employees who do not hold other designations, EP certification lends credibility to their expert knowledge and skills.

3. Employee Engagement

EP certification has had an unexpected, but highly beneficial result for Blue Source: increased employee engagement and cohesion.

Blue Source employees find that having the EP certification unifies their team and defines excellence in their work, laying the foundation for strong collaboration, shared pride in the organization, and solid engagement.

Blue Source demonstrates forward thinking by validating the value and expertise of their team with EP certification. Today, more organizations are following suit.

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